WATcloud is a student-run cloud infrastructure group at the University of Waterloo. Our main service is the WATcloud compute cluster (sometimes referred to as "the compute cluster" or "WATcloud"), where we provide compute (CPU and GPU), storage, and networking resources to student teams, clubs, and labs at the university and partnering organizations.


Brief History

WATcloud started as a group of computing enthusiasts who build servers at the WATonomous (opens in a new tab) student design team. Now we serve clubs and teams from all over the University of Waterloo and support collaborative projects with international schools like MIT (opens in a new tab), Pitt (opens in a new tab), RIT (opens in a new tab), CMU (opens in a new tab), and PoliTO (opens in a new tab)1.

Join Our Community

For real-time server status updates and getting help, join us in our Discord server (opens in a new tab). And stay tuned for our upcoming workshops and training sessions!


Is the compute cluster free to use?

Absolutely! We're a student-run group, and we don't charge for our infrastructure. However, we do have a limited amount of resources, so we ask that you use them responsibly.

How do I get access to the compute cluster?

Please visit the Getting Access page for more information.

What’s the relationship between WATcloud and WATonomous?

WATonomous' compute cluster was born to meet the needs of the team. As the team grew, so did the cluster. Eventually, the subteam responsible for the cluster became WATcloud, and opened up the cluster up to other groups. Now, WATcloud and WATonomous operate akin to AWS and Amazon. We work in close proximity (e.g. we share the same Discord server and Google Workspace), but the services we provide are tailored to all groups we support. WATonomous has access to the same support resources as every other group.


  1. An example of an international group we support is MIT-PITT-RW (opens in a new tab) (MPRW), a collaboration between UWaterloo, MIT, Pitt, and RIT to build a full-size self-driving racecar. UWaterloo students work alongside our international collaborators to use the WATcloud compute cluster to develop software, run simulations, and train ML models.